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Islamic Life Hack – The Wudu Cling


When I agreed to marry Khaled and raise our future children Muslim, I didn’t understand all of the minute, tiny details of difference that would surface between my upbringing and  his.

Aside from the big glaring differences, his – being brought up in a different country, his parents married from a young age and staying together, the apartment in which he grew up, the extended family unit of support he always knew would be there, and his strong religious identity.

Mine – from Ohio, still live in the same general area, parents divorced, craftsman style home in a blue collar neighborhood, despite the large extended family, we were on our own, and a wishy washy religious identity that grew stronger as I aged.

Overcoming these differences has been a growing, stretching and learning experience. Some on my part, some on his. Sometimes there is a clear cut way to deal with an issue, and sometimes we compromise.

In all of this muddling through life, learning how to grow and adapt, I have devised short cut methods for myself to piece together the Islamic knowledge that every Muslim mother has and passes along to her children. Sometimes I realize the hacks are there, and sometimes I don’t.

In 2011, I decided to improve on one of My Islamic Life Hacks that wasn’t really cutting the mustard.

I was sick of the soggy bits of paper and smeared ink, the unclear reminders and tape residue on my mirror from the wudu cheat sheet we had in the bathroom.

After a good amount of research and with the help of my family and my graphic designer, Ian, we developed The Wudu Cling. The Wudu Cling is a repositionable, water resistant, chemical resistant, mirror cling that clearly illustrates the steps of making wudu. It is a gentle reminder of what to do next, so you don’t forget one of the steps while you are learning.

The Wudu Cling has been well received over the last five years, selling in England, Australia, Spain, Germany, France and from the East coast of the United States to the West. The Wudu Cling has made its way to Canada and Puerto Rico.

The Wudu Cling currently hangs in homes, mosques and schools all over the world, helping children and converts prepare for prayer.

Over the last five years of selling The Wudu Cling, I’ve had requests for copies in different languages, and for adjustments in the wording used on the cling.

This Spring, we went back to the drawing board and are pleased to announce that we have an updated design.

cling revamp 7 Web Graphic


I am so excited to be able to offer this new and improved design to you that I can’t wait for it to arrive! Starting today, you can pre-order your very own New Wudu Cling at the pre-sale price. Go now, order and tell your friends.



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