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Cast of Characters

Khaled – Husband.  George Clooney + Paul Newman + Matt Damon + Bobby Flay (with a soupcon of Omar Sharif)= My Husband.  He gets me and all that that encompasses and he encourages me to be my true self.

Mr. Fox – Son.  Because he is fantastic!

Pea – Daughter.  Beneath all of the mattresses, she would feel it there.  Brilliant and delicate at once.

Kate – Daughter.  She reminds me of Hepburn.  Strong, independent, and far more wise than she should be at this age.

JJ – New Friend, now old friend.

Auntie Fay – My teacher and mentor in all things Islamically related.

Sally – She’s my people.  If you watch Grey’s Anatomy you will get this.  I am Christina and she is Meredith.  That doesn’t explain the name, but you get our relationship.

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