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My Locket; Celebrating your Shahadaversary


A few weeks ago, I received a private message on the My Islamic Life FB page.  This customer was looking for an Origami Owl locket and some custom plates for her locket.  She had many questions about the locket size, what the plates looked like, how many charms could each locket hold, and what she could have written on the plates.

I do not sell Origami Owl Lockets.  Luckily, I’ve got a friend who does.  Nina and I have worked together for a few years now, fulfilling the wishes of her many customers.  So, I referred Amina to my friend, Nina’s O2 page*.

Then we got to work designing Amina’s plates.  She said that she wanted her locket to be a celebration of her Shahada.  She was giving herself a Shahadaversary gift.  Isn’t that a great idea?  We discussed plate sizes, and I shared with her pictures of another plate sets that I had done.

Locket Collage ADV

Locket Collage ADV

Then I shared with her a picture of my own locket with a few charms inside.

Locket 1

Then, I shared with her a little known charm.  There is actually a Crescent Star charm available from Origami Owl, but its not under religion.

CrescentStar O2

It’s under “The Great Outdoors” section.  (Which I personally thing they should cross list it into the Keep The Faith section.  They would sell many more, don’t you think?)

Then, we discussed my locket story.

It depends on the story you want to tell. Is this the story of only your shahada? Or are you going to put things about before your shahada?
For example, I have my mantra words (from 2013) on my plate, I have a birth crystal for each of my children and my husband, then I have a Daisy because it reminds me that God wants joy in my life and I have a Fleur de Lys because it’s a secret cross and I’m a Francophile, and I have a butterfly to remind me to spread my wings and I have the crescent/star because I live my life Islamically. It’s a lot, but its me.
Amina was so excited to receive her plates, and I was thrilled to be able to help her design her perfect Shahadaversary gift in honor of her one year anniversary.
Little did I know, that both Amina and Corbin the Elder (from Islamwich) were discussing my jewelry on FB and had ordered pieces virtually at the same time!
This is Corbin the Elder's Necklace.

This is Corbin the Elder’s Necklace.

This is the photo of Amina's finished locket that she shared online.

This is the photo of Amina’s finished locket that she shared online.

 As I’ve mentioned before, I think taking The Shahada is an amazingly personal choice.  It is momentous and it should be honored and celebrated.  Why shouldn’t we mark the occasion of becoming a Muslim with jewelry?  So many other life changing times are – aren’t they?  Birth, Becoming a Teenager, Religious Milestones, High School, Marriage.  Why not Shahada?
Buy something for yourself, your friend, your sister, your loved one.  Make it a new trend.  Celebrate out loud.
*When you click through any of the Origami Owl links, there is a tag that tells Nina that you arrived at her page from mine.
Locket Collage ADV
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    07/05/2015 2:03 PM

    Wonderful! Thank you 🙂

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