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Abayas Acquired!


Last Sunday, we decided to head out in search for some Eid clothing. The game plan consisted of hitting our go-to shop in Dearborn, The HijaBee, and then if we couldn’t find what we needed, to go mall shopping for hijab friendly clothing and then get new hijabs to match. In 3 short hours, we had a dozen new hijabs and two Eid abayas. Huzzah!

First stop: The HijaBee. While they didn’t have abayas in the sizes that we needed, The Hijabee has a lovely assortment of every day clothing, long sleeve tops for underneath mall clothing and adult abayas. They have a large display of all kinds of hijabs from two piece to wraps in different styles that you don’t see other places. The best thing about this trip was learning about the hair clips and using them to bump out your hijab so you don’t get flat head. It gives the illusion of a fuller bump in the back. The ladies were not up for buying the clips, so they chose white hijabs for school and a couple of colorful pieces with some lace and some sparkle.

From HijaBee ADV

The co-owner of The HijaBee was very helpful in suggesting other shops for us to try for little girl abayas.

Second Stop: Boutique Fayrouz.  This shop actually is in two different store fronts. The shop on the left is for party clothes, fancy abayas and hijabs, swimwear and a few things for little girls. The shop on the right is for business clothing. All hijab friendly. Unfortunately, they did not have anything that would work for our ladies. Very nice shopkeepers though. The stores are clean, well organized and all the prices are posted.

Third Stop: Mekkah Islamic Superstore. The parking for this shop is in the lot behind the strip mall and there is an entrance from there. When you walk in, you feel like you are entering into a typical Middle Eastern clothing shop. You are overwhelmed with the sheer amount of fabric on display. But once inside, the owner was very helpful in assisting us.  She made suggestions for the ladies, showing us long skirts and dresses. In the end, nothing but abayas would do. There was a small selection of abayas for the little ladies, but there was enough that we found two that passed muster. They are black, but one has rhinestone – sparkly detail, and the other has a brushed satin rose detail on the neckline. The best part about these abaya is that the ladies could go crazy choosing colorful hijabs to wear. This shop has wonderful selection of two piece and wrap scarves all at a reasonable price. When we were there, they were running a 20% off Eid sale.

From Mekkah ADV

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