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Eid 2011, Day 3


This morning was not celebratory.  I woke early to my alarm clock because it was my son’s first day of school for this year.  I was blessed with a cup of coffee delivered to me by my thoughtful husband, and it softened the blow of the early morning a bit, and reminded me of how loved I am.

Our Eid is always a bit of mismashed up efforts to make a tradition.  We plan, we plan, and then we change the plans.   When we were first married, I tried to make plans to celebrate with my family (like a traditional American,) but I never knew when the holiday began because we would always wait until Khaled got the word that it was, in Mecca, the holiday.  It was so frustrating, and I stopped trying to invite people to celebrate.   Now we rely on the calculations and scientific predictions and the word from our local Mosques which day the holiday will be on, and plan to go somewhere, do something, have gifts wrapped, and children stay home from school.

This year, I’m very pleased with the gifts we gave the children.  Most of them had a religious theme, from the Hijabi Dolls, so lovingly made by UmmLayla to the T-Shirts for boys and girls from Zazzle.  And, I wrapped them.  I never wrapped before, and didn’t think anything of it because Khaled didn’t think it was important.  I was texting with a dear friend and she mentioned that I needed to have time to wrap the presents.  So, I searched through my wrapping stash and found some universal paper and wrapped everything up.  It made a difference!  I guess the presentation of the gifts is just as important isn’t it?

We were blessed with a full day and a half of celebration with Khaled, where we spent time trying new foods and going places we hadn’t been before.  I posted a Happy Eid to everyone on Facebook and Twitter, and then I took a hiatus from being online.  Sometimes, you just have to do that.

I’m off to sort through the mound of papers I have in the office and discuss the girl’s new prayer outfits for this school year.  Happy Thursday…I think.

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  1. 06/03/2012 9:51 PM

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