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Inside an Eid Prayer Service


Last Friday was the Eid Prayer.  As you remember, we’ve been attending our little mosque’s Eid Prayer for several years and each year it the attendance keeps getting larger and larger.  Why?  Well, I think that the community likes to pray behind our Imam.  I also think that they like to pray outside.  I think that our youth group does a really great job of organizing the event, from parking attendants to entertainment and the food.

This is from where I was sitting before the prayer started. Men up front, women in the back on prayer rugs they brought. This field is usually used for indoor soccer.

This year, the youth, in cooperation with the Imams of 5 of our mosques, organized 1 huge Unified Prayer Event.  It was a beautiful thing to be able to pray with all of our friends.  The khutba was in English first and Arabic second.  There was more than enough room for everyone.  We had a parking shuttle, a photo booth and food trucks!  I took many pictures, and even a video of the prayer so I could show you.  I’m having a difficult time uploading it though, since it is 8 minutes long.  If anyone has advise on how to upload a video that size, please share.

I wanted to share with you the range of people as they are dressed. Some in abaya, some in skirts and short sleeves, some in skirts and jean jackets.

There were large crescent shaped balloons and children all over the place.

We we got closer to the prayer, the room really filled up! There was still a lot of place to pray. Those people who cannot sit on the ground are using chairs. The can pray sitting in the chairs.

I love all the colorful scarves on Eid.

I also love to see all of the different styles of hijab being worn. Some completely covering the torso, some just over the hair. Some covering the neck and some exposing the neck and earrings.

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