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4 Weeks Down


Happy Thursday!!!

How have you been? It’s hard to believe that tomorrow is Eid. Does it seem to you that this Ramadan went by pretty fast? I don’t know what happened. It seems like just the other day we were ramping up for the first week and now Poof! Its finished.

I started this post on Monday, and because the days were super busy preparing for Eid weekend, I didn’t get it published until today.  GO Figure.  I should have stopped time so I could have 1 more hour to upload and tweak my post.  Lets still take some time and review what went well this Ramadan and what didn’t work out so great.

Suhoor – I saw this online a few days ago and I thought it was soo true. (Theirs said something about eating Kunafa for breakfast.) Suhoor week 1 – Scrambled eggs with beef, Cheese, Melon, Milk . Suhoor week 4 – Milk & Juice.  Today, the last day of fasting, I made beef and duck bacon with pancakes.  Only Mr. Fox ate.

Iftar – We are unlike a lot of families in that we don’t really change our eating habits during this month. We don’t cook big, lavish spreads. We eat leftovers. We get takeout. We eat breakfast for supper. The only differences are when we eat Community Iftars and when we invite Mr. and Mrs. Imam over, we cook a lot more dishes.

Community Iftars – Nothing to report. Seriously! Week 1 I took Watergate Salad. Week 2 we took Mango Kunafa and Macaroons. Week 3 we skipped. Week 4 we took Pig Pickin’ Cake. (Google it, I’m not lying.)

Every week, I sat with Mrs. Imam and a bunch of ladies that spoke English. Usually there was a bilingual speaker sitting with us in case Mrs. Imam was missing out on the conversation, but otherwise it was really a nice atmosphere. Last week, I was even asked to help with specific tasks.

Our community Iftars are set up segregated family style. Women on one side of the room, men on the other side and some out in the hall and prayer room. Most of the time Khaled sits in the same room with us. Baby Steps. Right?

I do know that there are community Iftars at the other mosques and even the community center in town, but I’m just now comfortable with our home mosque event. I’m not sure how well it would go if we went someplace else.  I don’t want to risk it. Y’no?

Eid Shopping – I ordered abayas before Ramadan even began so we are all set for that. No last-minute shopping. I also got them some small gifts that I knew they would like, and we picked up some books. I’m taking my ladies for Eid Manicures this week as part of their present. We are also going to be doing a bunch of special stuff this weekend so we are super excited.

Decorations – We have our lantern collection out, and I forgot that I picked up some new lanterns when I was shopping over the last year. Plus, we added those sweet Crescent Star lights and some colorful faerie lights we picked up on Christmas clearance.Activities – We kept our activities to a minimum. It wouldn’t seem like it based on my constant driving rotation, but Arabic & Quran class, Guitar, volunteering and exercising. This year we did something new and organized an activity for a bunch of the kids who were fasting. I went to a paint your own pottery place that we often go to that is locally owned and arranged for the kids to cut out crescent moons and stars. Once they were fired, we went back and glazed them and then the next week we picked them up and turned them into garlands. It was a wonderful experience. We basically took over the place. Next year I’m going to arrange it on a day where the studio is closed to the public.


Display at the Library. I love that our library does this every year.

Inside the glass case. I’d love to find some of these decorations. I think they came from EidWay. I’ll have to shop there next year. Help me remember will you?

Failures – I ran out of ideas on what to feed everyone. We didn’t invite as many people over as we would have liked. I woke up late one day and everyone had just 10 minutes to chug some drinks.   We didn’t listen to Quran before Iftar this year, and didn’t attend any tarweeh.  Despite my running everywhere it seems like every day…they were bored.   Our off days were filled with reading, games and a few bike rides thrown in for good measure.  I kept working and doing what I needed to keep the family comfortable.  I know it wasn’t super exciting, but really, there weren’t enough hours in the day to do any more.

How did this Ramadan go for you?

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  1. 07/16/2015 3:12 PM

    This is a wonderfully honest and helpful post! Thank you. 🙂 It sounds like most of the Eid gifts you bought are for your children and friends. I’m wondering if you have ever given your husband an Eid gift, and if so, what? This will be my first Eid married to my wonderful Muslim husband. It just now occurred to me that maybe I should give him something, but I don’t know what!

    • 07/21/2015 10:11 AM

      Hi Sarah, I hope your first Eid was a wonderful experience!

      My husband grew up with a very specific way of celebrating Eid and it did not involve gifts for the adults. This was a challenge for me to overcome but I respect his traditions.

      We decided to compromise on our celebrations and this has been a journey 15 years in the making. We still make adjustments every year because I am not content with the status quo.

      We do not do adult gifts during Eid. Instead, I make sure Khaled has something nice to wear (we buy something if his clothes are worn out. Or I make sure its clean and ironed.) Then we plan a fun day or weekend. Sometimes we can get away for a long weekend. Sometimes we have to plan special outings in town.

      What is important is that you don’t treat the 3 days of Eid as a regular time. Do something new, go on a date, invite someone over.

      I hope this helps. Kristina

      • 07/24/2015 5:29 PM

        Thank you so much! 🙂 It was pretty low key for us this first year, but it was still wonderful. I really appreciate hearing about your experience, and like that you two are able to compromise and adjust as needed each year. Your ideas for things to do are great! I did end up giving my husband some diy beard oil. (Although perhaps that was more a gift for myself because it smells so good on him! ;-)) I also picked up flowers for our home and a few special sweets. He thoughtfully ordered a prayer dress for me and ended up getting some new shoes for himself that weekend too. I’d like for us to try a larger celebration with friends next time maybe. 🙂 I don’t think I ever knew before that Eid actually spans 3 days and isn’t just a 1 day holiday!

        • 07/24/2015 5:52 PM

          Oh Sarah! That sounds so lovely. Beard oil is wonderful. I bought my husband some from Detroit Grooming and he loves it. If you want some names of places online to get abayas and stuff let me know. I’m happy to share.

          Heads Up: there is another Eid on September 23rd. It commemorates the slaughter during Hajj. It isn’t a 3 day festival but the day of sacrifice. 🙂

          • 07/27/2015 12:46 PM

            That’s great! 🙂 Yes, I’d very much appreciate your suggestions for where to get abayas and stuff online! Thank you for the heads up on the next Eid! I’m somewhat familiar with the difference between the two Eids and the purpose of the Hajj and sacrifice. I hadn’t looked ahead to see the date of the next one yet, though, so I appreciate that. 🙂

            • 07/31/2015 2:14 PM

              Look at They ship from overseas so it takes about a month to get your delivery.

              Islamic Outfitters
              Haute Hijab
              Shukr online
              Aab collection

              Also, Etsy and EBay. 🙂

              • 07/31/2015 5:17 PM

                This is a great list!! Thank you so much. 🙂 I think that East Essence might be where he ordered the prayer dress outfit from…
                I ❤ Etsy and Ebay!! I actually got a beautiful dress for our marriage ceremony at the Islamic Center on Ebay! (We had a legal and religious Islamic ceremony a few days before our slightly larger, more traditional (American/Christian) wedding and reception.)

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