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Ramadan – Day 10 Melatonin & Wheatgrass 


Wow!  There has been a lot going on this last 5 days.  A lot of  stuff publicly, and a lot of stuff at home.  Some that has everything to do with Ramadan, and some that has nothing to do with Ramadan other than being distracting.  🙂  You know how life gets in the way sometimes?

Last week both of my contributions to Interfaith Ramadan were published back to back.  On Tuesday, June 23rd, my post, ‘Fasting for Faith’ was shared.  I knew that it was going to happen, but it was still surprising.  There was quite a lot of positive feedback.  I won’t repost the entire piece here, but here is a sample, and you can click the link.

Since last Ramadan, I’ve been searching for a way to bring that meditative focus into my life. As a non-Muslim, non-practicing Christian, I don’t have a spiritual family to turn to as a guide. I find inspiration from different sources and incorporate them into my daily communion with God.

On June 24th, the second of my contributions was compiled in a panel response to the question, “What can I do if I’m not Fasting?” When Sarah asked for responses to this topic, she suggested 200 – 300 words.  I drafted my response and was well over that range.  I did end up editing quite a bit, but I still had much to say on the topic.

Every year Khaled tells me the same thing. “It doesn’t make sense for you to fast Ramadan. It makes you sick, and you are not required to fast. Take care of yourself so you can take care of us.”
So, that’s what I do now. I am the support staff, the keeper of schedules and maker of meals.

My co-panelists Gayla and Jillian Pikora approached this question quite differently than I did. Gayla told about her monetary donation in place of fasting, and Jillian shared with us her journey of being able to fast, and then not being able to and how she creatively substituted spiritual practice.

I’ve been sharing articles every day over on Facebook at the MyIslamicLife page and through my own page, Kristina ElSayed.  I’m much more active there, so if you like, follow me.  It won’t be stalker-ish. Promise.

Over last weekend, I went to the community iftar with my family.  It was the second one of this Ramadan.  It went fairly well.  No big issues, really.  The first Saturday, we took Watergate Salad (aka Green Fluff) and last weekend, we took Khaled’s newest dessert creation.  It was layered with kunafeh, cheesecake and mango.   

 That plate was clean when we retrieved it to go home!  I also made coconut macaroons.  We sat, both days, with Mrs. Imam and some of my friends.  Its kinda funny and a little sweet/awkward though.  We all want to sit together so we can talk and not feel isolated in a sea of Arabic chatter, but securing enough seats at one table is difficult when you don’t know who is going to be there, and you run the risk of shunning another attendee just because you were trying to include everyone.

Last Saturday, while talking during dinner, I shared with my friend that we had this cooking for Ramadan thing worked out.  One day for take out, one day for breakfast and one day for community iftar.  She had it All Locked Down though!  She only cooks 3 nights a week for Iftar, going to other community meals when we are choosing to stay home.  It’s all good though.  I’m glad she has it worked out that way.  I hope that everyone can figure out a cooking schedule that works well for their family and doesn’t burden any one person too much.

The two tips I have to share with you this week are this.

1-Melatonin tablets are a wonderful way to nudge yourself towards sleep when you would rather be awake.

2-Wheat Grass shots give you an amazing amount of energy.

My contribution for the My Mosque, My Story series this Ramadan sponsored by Side Entrance is ready to be edited.  I can’t remember exactly when it will be published, but I’ll share it on Facebook, Twitter and here!

Talk soon.

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