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Ramadan – Day 5


Its midnight here and I’ve been waiting patiently for Kate and Pea to be ready to go to bed.  Alas, they are not.  Not even close to being sleepy.  They are knee-deep in weaving a rainbow loom bracelet to beat ALL rainbow loom bracelets and if they stop now, they will have to start all over tomorrow.

This is the second day of the rainbow loom marathon.  They watch youtube videos about new patterns and work diligently to recreate the masterpiece.  After I sleep, I’m going to show you the pile of bracelets and rings that have been created in the midst of fasting.

    I’m sitting here reading and wrapping up some loose ends from the day and I thought I’d pop in for a quick Ramadan Check In.

How’s it going?

I was really out of it this morning, but I was able to eek out my hour of cathartic exercise today.

The days are long and the nights are short and I would love to flip-flop the whole thing, but that would make Ramadan too easy.  Its supposed to be work right?

Our iftar menu for the first 5 days of fasting.

Thursday – Rotisserie Chicken (from my grill, not Costco) Rice, Molokheia, Fresh Fruit, Gatorade

Friday – Red Robin Restaurant.  We broke our fast on Chili Cheese Fries and Diet Coke.  Burgers and Fries

Saturday – Community Iftar. Kafta, Egg, Lemon & Rice Soup, Chicken, Rice, Salad. Watergate Salad (I brought it!)

Sunday – Chicken Panini, Arugula Salad, Fresh Fruit and Watergate Salad, Water

Monday – Tuna Melts with Tomato, Salsa and Chips, Fresh Fruit, Ice Cream, Water

We have approached menu planning for this Ramadan with the plan to have 1 night of take out, 1 night of brupper (breakfast for supper) and 1 night of community iftar a week.  That leaves more time to tend to the care of my family, keeping them occupied, getting them where they need to be, supporting their fast and helping them to stay comfortable.  It also leaves more time for reflection, prayer, reading and giving back.

Happy Tuesday!

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