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Lets Talk Hijab Storage


When the girls started praying, I started making them prayer outfits.  In the beginning, we had one outfit for each girl and a bag to store them in.  

Hijab Storage 6

Something Like This.

I didn’t have to put too much thought into the storage options because they had just one outfit a piece.  I would make them a new one each year and we would store the old ones away.

Then, they started wearing hijabs with their Eid outfits and for school.  So, I thought we’d get a cute drawer unit to put in their closets for organized storage.

Hijab Storage 3

And it worked, for a while.  But as you can see, its not currently working.  The first drawer was for the few 2 piece hijabs they had, the middle drawer was for the prayer hijabs (long, finger tip length) and the bottom was for skirts.  These days, the prayer hijabs look like this:

Hijab Storage 5

In a big heap in the corner of the living room.  No matter how often I fold them and tuck them away in the bag I have set aside for their containment…this is what ends up happening.

And the drawer unit is stuffed to the brim. 

Hijab Storage 4

Because not only do we need to buy new hijabs for each Eid outfit, but when we go to the shop, we collect new hijabs in the colors that coordinate with their favorite outfits.  So, when we go to the mosque for whatever reason, they will be fashionably coordinated.

I’m no better.  The only scarves I grew up with were the ones you wore around your neck in the winter.  When I started working (before children) I owned a few scarves that were easily contained in my delicates drawer.  Now, I’ve collected a modest number of scarves and hijab-like items for when they are necessary, but I just stuff them into this closet organizer. 

                                      Hijab Storage 1Hijab Storage 2

It works, somewhat.  It is fine for my knitted head warmer hijabs, but for the long scarves…they come out wrinkly.

What do you do?  How do you store your scarves?  Send me photos of your storage options! (Share them on twitter @MyIslamicLife, on Instagram or email them to me MyIslamicLife *At* I want to see what works and what isn’t working.  I need some ideas on how to fix this.  

Happy Thursday!

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  1. 08/21/2014 4:45 PM

    My life too…Storage bins overflowing with many hijabs lol

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