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Now Accepting Nominations – 11th annual Brass Crescent Awards


When I married Khaled, I searched everywhere for resources for interfaith couples. The only books and websites I could find back then were for Christian/Jewish relationships. Online, the only resources I could find for Christian/Muslim couples were horror stories of abuse, neglect, disillusionment. Others were how the women successfully converted their husbands to Christianity. Nothing I found focused on a happy, healthy relationship. Nothing I found supported the life I was building with Khaled, and later our 3 children.

I was inspired to share my life with you so that women, living lives similar to mine, wouldn’t feel soo alone. We could share our tips, tricks, trials, and triumphs with each other all over the world.

Along the way, many non-muslims have read and learned that Muslim families are not soo much the ‘other’ that you see on television and movies. We are normal, everyday people.

I don’t share every little bit of my life here, but I do share the most Islamic portions with the hope that I can help someone, in some way.

The Eleventh Annual Brass Crescent Nominations are underway! 10 Days left. If you have learned anything from my blog, please consider a nomination.

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