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Eid Gifts I’ve Collected So Far…


I stink at finding Eid gifts early.  Every year I keep saying to myself (and to Khaled) “I need to collect gifts for Eid.”  This conversation begins well before Ramadan starts…and now it is 6 days until Eid and I have nothing for Mr. Fox, one item for Kate and a handful of items for Pea.  We wanted to drive out to Bridgeview this month and buy Abayas for them at Al Omari because we had such a wonderful experience last summer. But then one thing led to another and now it is 6 days before Eid and we need to shop for new outfits this weekend.

In any case, I’m not an absolute slacker thanks to Haute Hijab!  My ladies are still to young to wear their lovely clothing, but when I saw the I Love Hijab T-shirt, I knew it was a perfect item for Pea. You all know how much she loves practicing wearing hijab.

Haute Hijab Photo

I immediately went to their site and looked at the sizing guide.  The t-shirt is designed for hijabis to wear.  It is made from pre-shrunk cotton but sits longer on the hip. It is also designed for Adults. Pea is not quite adult size. So, I went to Facebook and sent a message to the lovely people at Haute Hijab asking them for their size recommendations based on Pea’s age and measurements.  They got back to me within a day or two with my needed answer.  Now, it is on its way.  Their clothing is just so lovely, if I wore Abaya on a more regular basis I might deviate from my Vintage Caftans and buy one of theirs.  I keep following them because I know as soon as the ladies are tall enough, we will be frequent customers.

This t-shirt purchase inspired me to find one for Kate.  Kate does not practice wearing hijab that often, so her shirt needed to be more subtle.  I searched around many different t-shirt shops until I landed on Muslim Gear. I love that they have a fashion forward nature to their designs, and they don’t look like iron on patches I could DIY. I really loved the Arabic calligraphy of The Ramadan and Eman but they weren’t sized for small people. I finally settled on The Awakening for Kate.

Muslim Gear

I looked seriously at The Last Prophet for Mr. Fox because it is so reminiscent of stuff he usually wears, but then I remembered last year’s t-shirt and how it didn’t even get worn as a sleep shirt…and thought about the 20.00 that got wasted. I didn’t buy him one. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get him something like this that is really subtle but still devotional.

In addition to these t-shirts, I found a book series by Linda D. Delgado. Linda has been featured in Muslimahs Working at Home and American Muslim Mom. She writes a fiction book series about a young girl and her tribe of friends called the hijab-ez. I purchased three of the first titles through Amazon.


The ladies also made wish lists. I’m inclined to think they will get something off their lists because they’ve done such a stellar job with fasting this year.

I’m at a loss for Islamically themed gifts for Mr. Fox. Any recommendations?

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  1. Romana Siddiqui permalink
    08/07/2013 2:06 PM

    I know this is for younger children, but there are some great items from the listed vendors for people of all ages.

    Also, I found this recently (FB post by a friend of mine, and thought you might like it for your girls:

    And finally, there are some books that I have found but haven’t purchases yet for my daughter:

    The Jannah Jewels chapter books are an exciting new Islamic Adventure Series designed for young learners!

    Blessings, and Eid Mubarak!

    • 08/13/2013 10:57 PM

      Romana, Thank you so much for sharing! I am very interested in collecting the Jannah Jewels books for my ladies. They are very much into chapter books now.


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