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Wudu Cling: review and giveaway!


A few weeks ago, I was formally introduced to Woodturtle after following her blog for several years. She writes from the perspective of a Muslim Femenist Convert and Parent of two beautiful daughters. I often find myself nodding in agreement or opening my eyes to a new take on something that has been on my mind. Woodturtle gave a lecture last month about mothering Muslim identity and wanted to interview me about my life raising Muslim Children. I wish I could have heard the lecture. When I shared The Wudu Cling with Woodturtle she graciously offered to do a review and host a giveaway. Her glowing remarks went live today. Enjoy!

wood turtle


THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Winners to be announced shortly.

Thank you to everyone for participating.

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  1. Aqeelah-Naz Ali permalink
    04/14/2016 4:57 AM

    Where can i order it from?

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