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Did You See This?

who used to listen to the ICNYU podcast? We’re thinking of restarting it in the next couple of weeks inshallah
YAAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! *Happy Dance!*
Back in 2010, I was surfing around on iTunes and found the KhutbaKast.  I had a listen and I was hooked.  I listened to all the backlog back to back…and then I was up to date.  Then there were no updates…and I sent email, and posted on the FB wall.  No response.  I sent more email and posted more to the FB wall.  Then I was directed to the YouTube feed…but that does not help me get my khutba* Fix on the go.  Imam Latif was the first Imam that gave a khutba I could understand and get something out of that was relative to my life.  Since then, I’ve re-listened ….but I’m so excited that the Friday khutbas will be back online.
*Khutba = Sermon
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