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Yeah, What She Said


I’ve been living inside a carefully orchestrated tornado of activity the last 3 weeks. Unfortunately, the last 4 days have also contained a layer of grief and remembrance. Since Tuesday, I’ve been waiting for the real truth to unfold surrounding the movie (I’ve not watched), the producer of the movie, the director, their motives, the protests in Egypt and Libya, and the deaths of Americans that may or may not have resulted from these acts. I’m still not sure what the true story is, and I’m sure it’s not what they are saying on The H Post, CNN, MSN or all the other ‘news’ places.

I’m sitting here sipping my iced coffee, and reading my stuff, and when I read MuslimHippie’s post, I thought ‘Yeah! What she said…yeah, that sums it up.’

Muslim Hippie

Whenever something like this happens (and unfortunately it happens every two or so years) I want to run away and hide. Or go out in the street and yell: NO I AM NOT WITH THEM. I seriously consider removing anything from my visible attire that would indicate that I am somehow associated with these people… I am not!

These people don’t represent Islam or how Muslims should behave, these people are barbaric and crazy. And unfortunately for Islam they also happen to be Muslim, and their simple minds tell them that this is the way to be a “good Muslim”. I am not one of them. Please don’t judge me by my headscarf, I follow a completely different religion from what they follow. My religion is based on love, compassion, mercy and understanding. My religion is innocent of these people’s actions, my religion tells us not to cut off a tree during…

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