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Happy Labor Day!


This weekend I’ve been suffering through the worst part of a head cold.  Luckily, Khaled has been here the whole time and tending to the small people so I don’t infect them.  I hope that you are all having a wonderful weekend!  It’s great to be able to spend some bonus time with our families.

Some people took the opportunity to attend the ISNA convention this weekend.  I don’t know much about this, so if you went, or have gone before please share what you know.  Maybe next year we will consider attending.

On another note, there has been some ugly SPAM posted in my comments twice now since Friday.  For the time being, I am switching the comments to ‘approval’ only so that you don’t have to read the ugly hate.

Have a wonderful day.


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  1. 09/08/2012 9:43 AM

    salam sis. i hope you get well real soon.

    i hate spams as well. they make me sick. i use Disqus and it has lessen spam comments for me. though there are those who still make it. but i can always delete them. perhaps you would want to activate askimet as well if you havent 🙂

    btw, i got here from muslim bloggers directory. i will keep coming back from now on. 🙂

    my blog:

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