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I’ve been given a Lovely Blog Award! *blush* by the fabulous Muslim Hippie. I love reading her thoughts and … well, I’ll have to come back and write more now. Kristina

Muslim Hippie

This is getting suspicious. There is another! blogger who tagged me in a blog award. So I suppose I’m not as lame as I thought I was…indeed curious.

The Rules:

1. Give credit to the awesome person who nominated you

2. Describe 7 things about yourself

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers


I came about ‘The White Pumpkin’s’ blog after she left a sweet comment here, I followed the link and was pleased with what I discovered, a new like minded soul with beautiful writings, poems, and useful links to share. I am still wading my feet in her blog, but the deeper I go, the more gems I find. Thank you, you made my day!


Seven things about myself:

1. I am what my midwife called “a thirst-less person”– meaning–I don’t get thirsty. I have to actively force remind myself to drink water, this unfortunate trait however comes…

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