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This Eid, we’re trying something different.

Each year I try to make the Islamic Holidays in our home more ‘holiday.’ this year, I’m focusing on Eid decorations. People have shared their pictures with me, have made suggestions, and they never really fit well with me. They always seemed like birthday party decorations mixed with Christmas decorations in a piecemeal sort of way.

Kate brought home a segmented snake from art class a few weeks ago, and from there…the Eid banner idea started to take hold. 3 days ago, we made templates, found the scrapbooking paper and card stock. 2 days ago we traced and cut out all the shapes. Yesterday, we layered the shapes together and printed out the letters. Today, we finished the assembly and hung it up!

It is a few … 12 days early, but I’ve heard that a lot of people decorate the last 10 days, and others, the whole month.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    08/06/2012 6:58 PM

    Oh my gosh! We’ve been doing something similar. I have some commercial banners that I had bought (2 of them are from SoundVision). We usually try to do mosque silhouettes and crescent moon and stars. There is a die-cut machine (Ellison I think) and there is a die-cut of a moon and stars and one of the Taj Mahal. We make ”stain-glass” like art work (wax paper covered with little tissue paper squares, covered with the die-cut silhouette). This year I also die-cut 5” letters for Eid Mubarak and pasted them down on cardstock to be like a banner. I am also going to do a jointed-banner, similar to your, InshaAllah tomorrow. Great work!

  2. Romana Siddiqui permalink
    08/06/2012 7:06 PM

    That was me, commenting as Anonymous unintentionally.

    Here is my pinerest link to Islamic Arts and Crafts if you’d like some more ideas:

    • 08/07/2012 11:54 AM

      Thank you so much for sharing! You have officially tipped the scales, and I’m joining Pinterest just so I can follow your board. LOVE your collection.

  3. 04/23/2013 1:43 AM

    wow this is very nice hand made decorative items , I like it so much. These items are very attractive ad nice.

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