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I’ve just been posting a few things over on my Facebook Fan Page, and it occurred to me that I am much more active there than I am here.  When I prepare to post something here, it is usually a story I want to tell you, or a tip I’ve learned, or something I’ve struggled with.  Most of the time, I live a quiet, run of the mill life.  There isn’t really anything exciting – Islam related content – every day.  So, I just post something when I have stuff to share.

But over on the fanpage…I share articles I read, books I find, random stuff I pick up here and there that is Islam Related Content.  I just don’t have a lot of time to sit down and write a post about it.  The one time I tried, I ended up sending out a post full of typos and misspelled words.  This did not set well with me.

So, I’m officially inviting each and every one of you over to the My Islamic Life Fan Page.  Yes, there is a link up there at the top of the home page…but maybe you thought it didn’t matter?  I’m telling you, it does.  Like the page, post a note and tell me you are there.  I’d love to see you.

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