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Making Friends


It’s officially Spring here.  Yesterday while I was washing the windows I cooked up and wrote about 3 different posts in my head.  Somehow I feel like they will be a mashup in this post, a bit like the corned beef hash I made earlier this week.

Première – Last weekend, Khaled and I went on a big old grownup date.  I got dressed up in my date clothes and we drove an hour outside of town and to a place I’d never been before.  It’s not that we were an hour outside of town, it’s not that we were in a place I’d never been before that is soo notable, it’s the fact that we were at a rock concert in a large city, at a huge arena, and on the way into the building, we saw 5 Hijabis in their early 20’s accompanied by 2 boys of the same age.

I pointed them out to Khaled, and I looked for them once we crossed the parking lot to where they were walking. I wanted to get a picture with them, or ask them if I could take a photo with them.  I know I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was!  This place was the most unusual place to date that I’ve come across women wearing hijab.  It certainly stretched my bubble of understanding.  I don’t even know if they would have been receptive to talking to me, but I was so curious.

Deuxième – I have the opinion that making friends as an adult is somewhat like dating.  You find someone you think you might have something in common with, you approach, you speak with them, and somehow you try to transition from being casual acquaintances.  I most often never progress past the text friendship.  I have just a small handful of ladies who will go out in public with me and hang out.  I’m okay with this, because it has always been my nature to have a small nucleus of an inner circle.  I find it disheartening when there are people who are ‘friends’ with you only because their kids like your kids.  There are a few of those people in my life at the moment, and every time I make an overture to do something with them outside of a kid centered event, I get the distinct ‘I’m just not that into you’ rebuff.

So, when I got the invitation to a wedding celebration in the community, I was stunned.  I’m acquainted with the mother of the bride, but I don’t know the bride at all.  Naena and my sister-in-law said that it is something that is done to announce the kitab to the community.  So that it is known that it is acceptable for the bride and groom to be seen together without a chaperone.

I didn’t know what I should do.  Go, make an appearance, try to do my best at fitting in, take a nice gift…my daughters will be doing this eventually.  Do I just send a gift?  I don’t know anyone else that is going for sure.

I’m really anxious.  In the politics of the Muslim community hierarchy, does this mean something?   I’m planning on wearing my black, knee-length, long sleeve wrap dress (think DVF) and silver jewelry (think Diamonds by the Yard) stockings and pumps.  It is supposed to be a ladies’ only event, but I will most likely wear my holiday abaya over the top just in case there are boys in attendance for part of the evening.

Troisième – Last year I was introduced to Kombucha by a dear friend of mine, and I’ve had it several times now.  Most often I drink it when I’m feeling like I’m coming down with some virus…it helps boost my immunity and I stave off the cold.  When I found out how expensive it is, I tried to brew some on my own.  I tried two times unsuccessfully.  I’ve all but given up, but when I went on my Kombucha run this last time, I felt like I was wasting the money.  Then, earlier this week, Muslim Hippie had her first successful batch.  I was so thrilled for her.  I don’t know Muslim Hippie IRL, but I’ve been following her blog now for about 6 months and I just love to read what she has to say.  I commented and congratulated her on her success.  The next post, she shared the video instructions that she followed to get her successful brew.  I’ve got a store-bought bottle of Kombucha sitting in the back of my fridge right now.  I’m heavily debating if I should drink it or try to grow a mother and brew my own.

Quatrième – This post is devoid of any photographs because I’ve run out of free space.  I love WordPress, so I’m in the process of trying to figure out the pros and cons of a paid account.  When I upgrade, do I automatically own my domain? Do I have unlimited picture space?  Should I just delete some pictures and links?  SIGH.  My brain still hurts from doing our taxes this year, I need a simple chart that will answer all of my questions instead of filtering through the website on my own.

Next time we’ll talk about my Introduction into the study of World Religions.  Until then…

Happy Friday!!!

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