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VianneFere shop on Etsy


After opening My Islamic Life on Etsy, I populated the shop with prayer outfits.  Earlier this year I wanted to offer jewelry that could be customized to say exactly what you wanted.  Islamic Phrases, Arabic Names etc.  Every time I receive an order, I end up sharing the pictures on Facebook with my family and friends.  My Family and Friends immediately started asking for items that were not Islamically themed.  They are being asked about their jewelry by their family and friends.  I don’t want potential customers to be deterred by my shop name because they think that I only offer religious items.  So, VianneFere was created to meet the needs of non-Muslim customers who want custom, personalized pieces.

To be very clear, I will stamp any phrase or name you want, no matter what religion you practice or don’t.  🙂  I am also open to creating jewelry for same-sex couples.  If you aren’t sure if your idea can be made, just ask.  I just bet we can figure it out.

So, spread the word.  Share VianneFere with your friends!

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