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Is today the 12th?


The weekend passed in a flurry of activity starting with Karate on Friday, the Apple Orchard on Saturday and baby showers and birthday boys on Sunday.

On Friday, I know we went to Karate…oh yeah and then we went to a meeting at the Masjid. It wasn’t anything to do with September 11, it was the last lingering Eid party.

The thing is though that with the organization that was sponsoring the event, is that it is an excellent organization, and they have very informative meetings and the food was really good, but, they provide a babysitter and take the kids to a separate part of the building, and feed them pizza and mac and cheese and “kool-aide” type drinks.

Now this might be a wonderful thing for most families, but I like being around my kids, I don’t really want to be stuffing them into a room with a bunch of kids they don’t know, and feeding them pizza they don’t care for and watching a movie they’ve seen 5000 times already. If I am going to be separated from my children, I want them to be comfortable. Oh, and there was a clown that made balloon animals and pretty face paint.

The highlight of the evening was finding the website Ali-Gator, that publishes and sells Islamic coloring books.  And Eidway, a website that sells Islamic party decorations.

Saturday we went hunting for the last of the season’s peaches so we could make peach jam this week. A few weeks ago we picked up a bunch of peaches and couldn’t eat them fast enough, so we decided to try our hand at peach jam. It turned out so well that I wanted to snatch up the last chance I had at making some this season with fresh, local produce. Now I have 1/2 bushel of peaches sitting at my feet waiting to be peeled. *Grin*

Sunday began with me feeling hung-over from sleeping and rushed in a flurry of baking and cleaning up the house for party prep. In all the activities that occurred in my home today, there was the faint underlying knowledge that this was the anniversary of 9/11. The kids mentioned it, we talked a little, and then we went on with our day.
During the quiet times though, I prayed. I prayed for the people who died that day, I prayed for the families that lost loved ones, and I prayed for the people whose lives have been effected by the events of that tragic day. I guess I prayed for everyone then, because I don’t know one person who was not effected.

This morning I was sent a link to my blog post from Friday, September 9th that was republished on the website Multicultural Familia.  That is also why you see a button over there on the side that links to the site.  I am a contributor now!

Happy Monday!!!

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  1. 09/20/2011 1:37 PM

    Well Done Lady! You are still my hero.

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