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Is it Back To School Already?


While many of my friends and family have already returned to school, or are preparing to return next week, I have the luxury of saying that I don’t have to start thinking about that just yet.
I have had the supply lists since last month and they are here, hanging on the side of my not so neat and tidy desk.   But I am in the BTS denial mode. If I don’t buy the supplies, it won’t happen so soon.

I love school.   I am, at my core, a teacher, but since becoming a parent, I dread the first day.   After the first week or two, it becomes easier because my new routines kick in, I can get some deep cleaning done, I can get some good uninterrupted work time in, but I still miss them.   I don’t look forward to the school year simply because I miss the time with my babies.

Now, before I start weeping about how much they have grown this year or how fast the summer has gone, I will look toward what lies ahead today and tomorrow.

We are preparing to host Iftar on Saturday and I have a mountain of cooking ahead of me and need to stop in time to get the posse off to prayer today. Jummah Mubarak Everyone!


Oh, P.S.  Look what arrived last night before Iftar!









New friend is a masterful baker.  The one on the left is Banana cake topped with a Whipped Peanut Butter frosting that has a little salt to it.  It’s drizzled with some sort of decadent chocolate that tastes like a dove bar.  The one on the right is Vanilla cake with a Whipped salty Buttercreme topped with mini M&Ms.  I didn’t make a pig of myself and eat both, but my smallest lady scarfed it down in no time flat.  After I finish my cooking for today, I will begin plotting my return tray.

P.P.S.  For those of you who know me IRL, you might find yourself having a reoccurring role here.  So, I’ve decided to collect alias’ for people I’m likely to talk about, unless you don’t care if I use your real name.  I mentioned this to New Friend because she’s likely going to turn into a long time friend and I can’t keep calling her New Friend…but she found it challenging to come up with something.  I mentioned it to another friend who found it puzzling why I would want to offer to use another name for her…I told her, just in case I become famous or something…LOL.  So, think on it.  You might get a text from me one day asking for a secret agent name.  Have one ready or be at my mercy!

So, in the immortal words of my beloved French Teacher, Madame – Bon Weekend!

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  1. Sara permalink
    08/12/2011 9:38 AM

    LOL and as you should be prepared for iftar on Saturday… The whole Clan of the Masjid comes out on the weekends LOL.. Oh yeah and the sweets look soo good and maybe I should become friends with her too!!

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