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Eid Gifts


Today is the 10th day of Ramadan, and my mind has shifted forward to preparations for the Eid. I would love to be in Egypt with our family there and celebrate together, but we don’t have the green light to travel just yet.
I have been looking for Egyptian Style dresses for my daughters online and have come up empty-handed. They have dresses that they love to wear from the last time my Sister in Law was here, but they have gotten too small. I could make them something, but because they are with me all day long, they would see what I am doing and it wouldn’t be a surprise.

I did have the forethought to place an order with my friend and Etsy sister UmmLayla for handmade Hijabi Dolls for each of my ladies.

I’m very excited about those, especially since my daughters have renewed their dolly playing recently. I have been planning on giving these dolls to the girls since my very first week on Etsy when I came across them while listing my own shop.  UmmLayla took the time to ask me about the girl’s favorite colors, their sense of style and details like their hair and eye color.

I guess I will forgo the ethnic style clothing this year and get them a nice Lands End dress like every other year. I just thought, maybe, I would try something new. I guess I will have to try to shop further in advance in the future.

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  1. 08/10/2011 5:19 PM

    That doll is cute! I cant believe how fast Ramadan is going! It will be over before we know it.

    • 08/10/2011 7:54 PM

      Thank you. This photo is a picture of the sample UmmLayla has on Etsy. I will take photos of the actual dolls for my daughters once they arrive.

  2. 12/09/2011 10:34 PM is the largest seller of Islamic dolls and Islamic doll clothes in the world with over five hundred choices. it is also a charity site.fee aman Allah,/sis Debbie CEO

  3. marisol permalink
    06/10/2012 4:51 AM

    I would like to order hijabi dolls since Ramadan is right around the corner.. no longer available thru etsy… where can I order from? please send me a link to my e-mail



  1. Islamic hijab doll – little gift for little Muslim girls | My Islamic gifts

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